TeachNext is a digital solution for schools, which is revolutionising the way we teach and learn. We have close to 15,000 classrooms across 4000 schools in India today where TeachNext delivers the entire course syllabus using interactive 2D and 3D content.

Our objective is to create more effective classrooms by bringing back the joy of learning. Research has proved that visual presentation facilitates learning and understanding; hence, TeachNext makes the teaching-learning process more effective.

“Humans intuitively grasp the power of images to convey meaning. Viewing is an active process, perhaps best thought of as an interactive experience between viewer and medium. In addition to responding to what they observe from the screen, viewers bring their own experiences and expectations to their viewing.”
-Corporation for Public Broadcasting, a report

While we use cutting-edge technology, our main focus remains on superior course content. Our modules have been carefully designed to enhance the student’s understanding and retentive capabilities. TeachNext empowers teachers, reduces class preparation time, makes difficult content easier to understand, and accelerates learning.

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