The Next Learning Centre (NLC) is an initiative of Next Education India (P) Limited. It is the first after-school learning centre of its kind, where every child a personalized classroom - MiClass.

The 21st century has heralded an era where we spend more time on watching movies than reading a book, listening to music on our iPods than reciting a poem and playing games on play station than on playgrounds. Technology has changed the way we live.

At Next Education, we believe that change is inevitable, and we’re gearing up to lead this change.

To prepare the students for the 21st century learning, we need to leave behind a time-based education which revolves around memorization of discrete facts, a fragmental curriculum, learning in isolation and a text book approach of teaching.

How do NLCs accomplish all of these? Well, let’s find out by exploring the links on the left hand side menu!

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