The ‘Next’ Educational Tools and Technology

The Mi ClassTM   framework integrates the student, the teacher and educational tools, a vast set of learning resources, to create a superior learning environment for the student.

In keeping with this framework, the desk of every student at a learning centre is equipped with a high-end machine, the best connectivity, access to better teaching and learning methods, and rich digital content tightly integrated into the curriculum.

The environment creates a relationship between the teacher, student and the Next tools that encompass a global network of libraries and other learning resources. These learning resources augment the standard text books, and illustrate content effectively using a variety of media.

The ‘Next’ Educational Tools Incude:

  • Products built at Next Education
  • Digital content that maps to boards, syllabi, classes and even various publishers
  • Libraries to support content
  • Virtual experiments and simulations
  • Online assessments (formative as well as summative)
  • Projects
  • Activities
  • Life skills assessment tools
  • Hands-on learning or physical learning tools
  • Support for Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) scheme where schools do CCE-based projects

The students get a chance to practise their skills and apply their knowledge using virtual labs and simulations, and hand-on lab activities. Video conferences with learning groups across NLC’s and guest lecturers by prominent academicians from across the country expose the students to the benefits of collaborative learning.

To conclude: At NLC, we believe in bringing together traditional teaching methodologies and latest 21st century education technology tools, and blending them for the constructive development and benefit of a student. Educational technology tools help teachers:

  • Create content more effectively
  • Reach out more effectively
  • Engage students more effectively
  • Teach more effectively

At NLC, we do not teach ... we educate.

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