Personalised Attention

Think of a scenario where:

  • A personal computer is available to every student, along with a teacher. The teacher will facilitate learning through traditional methods as well as digital tools based on what is more suited to the content as well as to the child’s style of learning.
  • State-of-the-art facilities to experiment, research and explore content are available at every student’s fingertips.

That’s what we provide at an NLC:
A personalised and customised classroom for every student.

We are using new tools to help students master the key concepts and skills embedded in Science, Maths, Social Studies, English and other subjects.

We focus on activities that strengthen the understanding of concepts, enabling students to apply, analyse and synthesise better. Thus, NLC lays the foundation for stronger student performance. Rich educational tools and technologies form the pillars of the NLC structure. We refer to these tools as the ‘Next’ tools.

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