Use of Sound Pedagogical Principles

Instructional strategies based on sound pedagogical principles provide for rich, engaging and relevant content are we talking about NLC or general tutorials are based on a thorough analysis of the objectives of the curriculum and related content.

Bloom’s taxonomy forms the backbone of every product, be it related to learning, teaching or assessing. Teachers can use this taxonomy to ensure that they are continually striving to develop higher order thinking skills in learners.

For example, learning by rote to ensure recall of facts stimulates the thinking skills at level 1: remembering. Higher order thinking skills are developed when students analyse and evaluate facts, and use their understanding to create new knowledge.

One of the primary methodologies used is the 5 E methodology. The 5 Es stand for: Engage Explain, Explore, Extend, and Evaluate.

The 5 E’s methodology engages students in the learning process, explains concepts in an interesting manner, inspires them to explore the unknown, and encourages them to extend their learning to concepts and facts that are known and familiar to them. Evaluate refers to self-assessment. Students who know how to evaluate their own work have learned one of the most important skills we can give them.

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