Development of 21st Century Skills

Academic excellence takes care of only one facet of a student’s personality. What about the other skills that a student needs to have to become a citizen of the global community?

We refer to these skills as ‘life skills for the 21st century.’

  • Creativity
  • Critical reasoning
  • Problem solving
  • High order thinking
  • Communication
  • Collaboration
  • Next Tools and technologies

Today, learning is a lot more activity-based. Hands-on learning or learning by doing is an important facet of the curriculum. Some of these activities are best conducted in a group environment, where students can brainstorm, and learn from each other’s ideas as well as from their own explorations. Through home tuitions, a student can get information, but not the skills that he can build when he learns in a group. For example, life skills are best built up through group interactions.

Apart from regular student tests and exams preparations at our NLCs, we will ensure that we assess the students using our special assessment tools [life skills assessment] on these parameters as well on a regular basis.

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