Measuring Effectiveness of the Mi Class Programmes

The programmes we have developed have clearly defined metrics to measure their effectiveness.

Student-based assessments in both - the traditional methods and by using the Next Tools method at regular stages during his learning cycle ensure not just knowledge on facts and information, but also on collaboration and critical thinking skills.

A life assessment is carried out once in a quarter, along with subject-based assessments, which carry questions at all levels of taxonomy: knowledge, application, comprehension, etc.

Every weekly test is recorded online as well as offline. After every open assessment session, the teacher conducts an evaluation. The results are analysed to see whether the current strategy is giving good results. If a student still seems to be still struggling with hard spots or misconceptions, the teacher can go back to the drawing board to revisit strategy and make corrections in the teaching style, if so required. The teacher will also reinforce the concepts to ensure that there are no gaps in a student’s understanding.

This is an important step in raising the bar of our classrooms today; we need to match the standards of the Next Generation, bringing about an exciting difference in the way students learn in the classroom.



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