iTeach and the Ideal Educator

To achieve the ideal teaching-learning environment, iTeach enables the 21st century educator to be:

An adaptor – The educator needs to be able to adapt to the changing curriculum, adapt to technologies and tools, adapt to interactive and dynamic teaching methods, and apply different teaching-learning methods or styles.

A visionary – The educator should be able to visualise the skills and capabilities that students will require in the future to be able to cope with the challenges that life throws at them. The educator should also be able to envision how technology can be adapted into the teaching-learning process in innovative ways, to maximise value for the student.

A collaborator – If learning can speed up with digital age practices, it leaves a lot of time for learners to explore, interact and collaborate, to enhance, share and even create learning outcomes. The highest retention of knowledge comes from teaching others. Sometimes, students in the class should be invited to do some teaching with the tools and aids in the classroom environment. Educators should not view digital tools as a threat, as there is always more value for an educator to add apart from what digital educational products can provide.

A leader – The 21st century educator needs to lead by example. The educator needs to imbibe the methodologies of the new age teaching and learning process in his teaching styles.

A risk taker – Sometimes, 21st century tools and technology can be intimidating. The educator may not be comfortable in CR environments. Educators may need to risk surrendering themselves to the students’ knowledge on tools and technologies to be able to move up the skill ladder and adapt to new age technologies used in education.

A learner – Learning is an ongoing process that continues throughout a lifetime. Educators must also keep learning and stay up-to-date with the latest in learning technologies and trends. This is the key to building the next generation teacher.

A communicator – The 21st century educator needs to be an effective communicator; communication is just not about being able to deliver a lesson to a group of students, it’s also about the ability to facilitate, stimulate, control, moderate and manage the teaching-learning process.

A model – The 21st century educator needs to be able to demonstrate values for the new age requirements in learning: she needs to be viewed as models of tolerance, acceptance, a wider world view, global awareness and reflection.

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