The Need for a Teacher’s Training Programme

More and more schools are revolutionising their teaching methodologies using technology as a tool to learn, and to enhance the learner’s understanding and retention. In other words, we are witnessing a ‘Teach Transformation.’

This transformation requires the classrooms to transition from a teacher-centric model to a student-centric one. The aims to expedite this Teach Transformation, by enabling educators to acquire the necessary skills.

For instance, a 21st century educator needs to acquire skills to:

  • Prepare lessons and lesson plans
  • Map digital content to existing curricula
  • Design, integrate and organise curricula
  • Manage content access and delivery
  • Ensure a degree of teacher-student interaction
  • Create and share content
  • Assess student performance and tests
  • Create action plans/reports
  • Build online communities and participate in them
  • Communicate effectively and frequently with students and parents


To perform these tasks effectively, the teacher or the educator needs to acquire skills in instructional design and content creation, along with the ability to use new educational technologies like interactive digital content, educational tools, interactive board and applications, NextTools, and virtual and real time labs. Therefore, in the whole framework of 21st century teaching methodologies, professional development of the teacher or the educator is vital.

However, many teachers are not very comfortable using these tools, and hence, need to be trained on how to effectively integrate educational technology tools into their classrooms to drive effective learning outcomes. The iTeach programme from Next Learning Centres builds these skills required for the teachers in a meaningful way. We teach the teachers to integrate technology into their curriculum and do it in a way so that it’s not just one more thing they have to do.

Training teachers to carry out these functions will ensure development of skills, capability, confidence and expertise within the teaching community, and will thereby speed up the process of Teach Transformation.

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